Im Rahmen des Erasmus+ Projekts besuchten vom 22. bis 28. November neun Schülerinnen und Schüler unsere Partnerschule in Bergen, Norwegen. Das Erasmus+ Projekt beschäftigt sich in diesem und nächsten Jahr mit dem Thema "Youth employment – Europe, get ready for new challenges! Exploring educational and vocational training systems across Europe." Was die Projektteilnehmer dort unternahmen, schrieben sie und ihre Gastgeschwister für uns auf. Lest aber selbst! 


Sunday, November 22nd

The Norwegians were at the airport, being very excited about getting to know their partners, and looked through the window when the German students arrived. Everyone was smiling, happy, and the Norwegian students didn’t know what to say. The German students didn’t know either. It was a very funny situation. Everyone went home with their host brother or host sister, and after having arrived at home, some of us went out to grab something to eat. After we were done eating, we went ice skating. The ice skating lasted for about 2,5 – 3 hours and we had a lot of fun. Later in the afternoon, some of us went to Andrea’s place to hang out. Andrea is one of the Norwegian students and she has an amazing home. At around 10 p.m. everyone started to go home.


Monday, November 23rd

Monday was day two of our exchange. After having stayed the first night at their host families, the Germans took the bus to school with their Norwegian partners. Even though it was pretty cold, the Germans could easily resist the cold weather. At first, the Germans were heavily impressed by the school, because it looks insanely modern and extremely cool. In the beginning of our first working day, we played an “icebreaking” game to get to know each other a little better. After that, we did some exercises and some presentations concerning the German and Norwegian educational system. We also did an interview with some (more than a 100!) randomly picked Norwegian students about their professional future. It was pretty interesting to get to know how the Norwegians think about their professional future. For example we didn't get the answer "I don't know what I want to do later" as often as we would get it in Germany.

After all the good work, we were guided through the school and we also got to experience an awesome view from the top of the mountain "Grøntulitoppen" next to the school.


Tuesday, November 24th

In the morning we continued our work on vocational and general studies in our two countries and the companies to be visited the following day were presented to the students.

After lunch, the student council of the school presented their work and we also got a presentation about programs against unemployment in Norway.

After school, all of us went to the Gingerbread house in town together. We had a lot of fun at the slide in the gingerbread house where we were sliding together like crazy little kids. After that, some of the students went home to taste whale meat. Some of them enjoyed the dinner, but some of them didn’t like it too much. Others were in town to watch Christmas candles and the view of the city or went shopping.


Wednesday November, 25th

Wednesday we got to know different jobs. We went to work with our Norwegian partners and found out what they do Wednesdays since in Norway, the vocational students go out to work once a week.

Some of us worked in a nursery home or with handicapped people, some others went to the kindergarten or the primary school. Only Kilian got the chance to be a fisherman for one morning. Here’s what some Germans think about their day out working:

Kilian (fisherman): I liked it a lot that I could turn my hobby into a career.

Juliane (primary school): I liked it a lot to play with the children outside.

Hannah (Kindergarten): I liked to play princess with the girls.

All in all, we think that it was a very interesting and nice day and everyone has learned something new. We're going to profit from this experience!


Thursday, November 26th

Thursday was the fourth day of our project. In the beginning we talked about what we did on Wednesday and about the positive and negative experiences we had while working. We also discussed the differences concerning the jobs in Germany and Norway. It was really interesting getting to know what the other students experienced at work.

After lunch we started working on the following topics: comparison of vocational training between the two countries and career counselling. We also learned about different vocational studies in Germany and Norway.

In the afternoon, we had the National Evening which started with a very tasty Norwegian dinner. We also played an online-quiz about everything we has learned this week. It was a a lot of fun!

In the end of the evening, we played games together and talked a lot.



Friday, November 27th

In the morning we prepared the presentations about our project which we were going to present for some of the classes at school. We wanted to explain the students who didn’t participate what we had done and learned this week. After school, all of us went bowling and of course, some us went shopping since it was BLACK FRIDAY!

We spent our last night together at Andrea’s place and again we were talking about our stay in Germany. We also ate taccos and had a lot of fun together. All in all, it was the best time of our lives.

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